Animated Action Plush Dog Toy – Bite-Activated Motion


Pet dogs enjoy the activity in their playthings due to the fact that it causes their natural impulses to play. These fun moving playthings draw out their interest as well as keep your dog playing!
goDog Activity Plush toys feature Chew Guard Innovation. We believe fun must be long long-lasting! Ensured to last longer than basic deluxe canine playthings.
Animated Squeaker: goDog’s Activity Plush canine toys feature a built-in squeaker and battery-free bite-activated motion that function to satisfy your dog’s hunting impulses and eating actions, making playtime extra fun and also exciting for your favorite canine
Attack Triggered Activity: The Activity Plush Blue Bunny moves its ears with every bite and chomp, mimicking the movement of real prey to maintain your canine involved and also constantly amused during play
Enrichment: The prompt auditory and movement comments of Activity Plush playthings excite canines and also motivate play; they are designed to offer enrichment and also excitement, accommodating your canine’s all-natural and also natural habits to keep them hectic as well as captivated
Perfect for Cuddling: This soft, plush-textured pet toy is the best cuddle buddy; it’s excellent for pets that enjoy huddling as well as cuddling with packed toys
Developed to Last Longer: Our soft plush pet playthings are made with Chew Guard Innovation, which includes a challenging, durable, chew-resistant cellular lining to our soft deluxe playthings, making them a little extra sturdy than your average pet toy



goDog – Animated Action Plush Dog Toy – Bite-Activated Motion


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