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How do you ensure ingredient quality and safety?
Yumwoof Perfect Chow is made with non-GMO ingredients, and the meat is sourced directly from nearby farms. To ensure food safety, we send each batch we produce to a licensed third party food lab that performs testing on yeast, mold and bacteria levels. We always confirm our food will remain fresh for the entirety of its shelf life, leaving dogs with a fresh healthy meal, everytime!

Is Perfect Chow good for puppies?
Yes. Yumwoof Perfect Chow is nutritionally complete and balanced for puppies. It’s high in DHA and Omega-3, which are vital during the growth life stage. From a nutritional perspective, your puppy is safe eating Perfect Chow.

Since it’s all natural ingredients, what is the shelf life?
Our food has a 1 year shelf life. We achieve this without artificial preservatives by using a special cooking method to maintain a low water activity level as well as ingredients that act as natural humectants. Once opened, we recommend consuming eah bag within 30 days for maximum freshness.

Who created the Yumwoof Perfect Chow recipe?
Our Perfect Chow recipe is the collaboration between Yumwoof nutrition data scientists and a top veterinary nutritionist. Together, they created a hypoallergenic natural food meets or exceeds AAFCO’s Dog Food Nutrient Profiles.

Is soft and chewy food good for my dog’s teeth?
Yes. Our soft and chewy food is beneficial for dogs’ teeth and proven to be healthier than dry kibble, which can cause plaque buildup and bad breath.

Is it grain-free?
Yes, Perfect Chow is grain-free.



20% Off Pre-Sale · Our gently-air dried dog food is grain-free featuring 85% meat and non-GMO whole food ingredients. No beef or chicken, we offer two hypoallergenic recipes with limited ingredients. It’s our most affordable ready-made food. No fridge is needed.


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